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The Dyslexia-Friendly Teachers Toolkit-Barbara Pavey, Margaret Meehan, Sarah Davis
The Dyslexia-Friendly Teachers Toolkit  Review
by Barbara Pavey, Margaret Meehan, Sarah Davis (Author)
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Publisher : Corwin
Publish date : 10-Jan-2017
Category : International School
Mediatype : Books
Binding : Paperback
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List Price :   Rs. 595
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 595
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ISBN : 1446207080 / Indian ISBN 13: 9789386062543
Pages : 128
Book Summary : The Dyslexia-Friendly Teachers Toolkit
This book is a really practical, hands-on guide packed woth a wealth of advice on strategies and "things to try" reflecting the authors' extensive experience. If you want to make effective, inclusive dyslexia-friendly classrooms a reality rather than an aspiration, this book is for you'
-Dr John P. Rack, Head of Research and Development, Dyslexia Action

In this toolkit the authors provide you with the foundations for making your setting and your teaching style dyslexia-friendly. There is a general overview of the principles and practices required, and what the dyslexia-aware teacher needs to bear in mind.
Chapters cover:
- understanding learners with dyslexia;
- dyslexia and phonics;
- dyslexia and English as an Additional Language;
- dyslexia and mathematics;
- dyslexia and science;
- dyslexia and creativity.

Each chapter includes visual chapter overviews, tried and tested strategies for the classroom and the whole school, using technology to help learners, case studies from practice, children's voices and sources of further information. The book offers you ideas and advice, and will ensure you feel confident you are doing the right things to help overcome barriers to learning.

Table of Contents

Understanding Learners with Dyslexia
Supporting Learning Barbara Pavey
Dyslexia and Phonics Sarah Davis
Dyslexia and English as an Additional Language Barbara Pavey
Reading, Writing and Spelling Sarah Davis
Dyslexia and Mathematics Margaret Meehan
Dyslexia and Science Margaret Meehan
Dyslexia and Creativity Barbara Pavey
Appendix 1: A Dyslexia-friendly School-a practitioner's guide

About the Authors
Barbara Pavey
is a lecturer in Higher Education, training dyslexia specialists in the North of England.
Margaret Meehan is Coordinator of Specialist Tuition at Swansea University
Sarah Davis is an Early Years Leading Teacher working in North Yorkshire.

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