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Test Automation using HP Unified Functional Testing Explore latest version of QTP-Navneesh Garg
Test Automation using HP Unified Functional Testing Explore latest version of QTP  Review
by Navneesh Garg (Author)
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Publisher : AdactIn Group Pty Limited
Publish date : 04-Feb-2014
Category : QTP Books
Mediatype : Books
Binding : Paperback
Availability : Is Imported ships within 3 to 4 weeks.
List Price :   Rs. 999
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 899
You Save :  Rs. 100
ISBN : 9780992293505
Pages : 268
Book Summary : Test Automation using HP Unified Functional Testing Explore latest version of QTP

Test Automation using HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) 11.5, is the first book released globally on HP UFT 11.5 , which is the latest and enhanced version of the HP test automation tool, Quick Test Professional (QTP). This UFT book has been designed with the objectives of simplicity and ease of understanding. This book is recommended both for those who are beginning to learn test automation (using QTP) and for advanced automation users. Another major highlight of this book is that you will be learning on our custom developed web based application instead of windows based flight reservation application that comes by default with HP QTP/UFT. This application with enhanced test scenarios will bring you very close to real-time automation using HP QTP/UFT. With author's huge experience as corporate trainer on HP QTP/UFT, this book follows a unique training based approach instead of a regular text book approach. As a step by step guide, it guides the student through every step of the exercises with the help of snapshots.

The book also covers the most common interview questions and answers for HP QTP/UFT. It covers new features of HP UFT 11.5 and also covers aspects of Integration of HP QTP/UFT with HP ALM (Quality Center) platform. It also discusses how to use VBscript in and working working with advanced scripting concepts in QTP/UFT. Author Navneesh Garg, has been a QTP/UFT expert, automation architect and corporate trainer on QTP/UFT for last 14+ years. He has worked on QTP versions, QTP 6.0, QTP 8.0, QTP.9.0, QTP 9.5, QTP10.0, QTP11.0 and UFT 11.5 for more than 10 years. Quotes from reviewers "A great hands-on guide on mastering automation using the new Unified Functional Testing(HP UFT) automation tool. An example custom build web based application used throughout the book ensures a quick grasp of key concepts. This book with its real life examples, is sure to benefit a novice beginner as well as seasoned automation professionals looking to step up to HP UFT 11.5, highly recommended" - S. Constancio "Outstanding book on HP QuickTest Professional (HP QTP). Rather than a text book approach, a training based approach to explain UFT features is an amazing concept. Also learning the tool over web based application is fabulous as we have complete web based application environment" - Philip Smith

About the Author:
Navneesh Garg is a recognized automation architect and corporate trainer, certified in HP QTP, HP Quality Center, HP LoadRunner, IBM Rational Functional Tester and a Certified Ethical Hacker. He is a co- founder of several successful IT companies like Adactin Group, CresTech Software and Planios Technologies. As a corporate trainer and test consultant, he has worked with clients like Macquarie Bank, Corporate Express, Max New York Life Insurance, Accenture, NSW Road and Maritime Services, Australian Dept of Education, HCL Technologies, Sapient, Fidelity group, Adobe Systems and many more. He has training experience in diverse geographies including Australia, India, Hong Kong and USA As a tool specialist he has worked on variety of functional automation tools including Selenium, TestComplete, TestPartner, SilkTest, Watir, RFT, HP QTP/UFT on varied technologies included Web, Java, Dot-net, SAP, Peoplesoft and Seibel.

About the Author
1. Introduction to Automation
1.1 What is Functional Automation?
1.2 Why do we Automate?
1.3 When should we Automate? Economics of Automation
1.4 Commercial and Open Source Automation Tools

2. UFT Installation and Sample Application Walkthrough
2.1 HP Unified Functional Testing Software Setup Instructions
2.2 Sample Application Walkthrough

3. Planning before Automation
3.1 Pre-Requisite Before you Start Recording
3.2 Test Automation Process

4. Create your First Script
4.1 Launch UFT and Understanding UFT Interface
4.2 Set UFT Web Page Frame Option Settings
4.3 Recording Script
4.4 Tips for any web Recording Issues
4.5 Replay Script
4.6 Save Script

5. Managing User Interface Controls
5.1 How Does UFT Replay Scripts
5.2 Using Object Repository
5.3 Add objects to Object Repository
5.4 Highlight Objects in Object Repository
5.5 Using Object Spy

6. Parameterization - Data Driven Test
6.1 How to Parameterize a UFT Script
6.2 Script Execution and Result Analysis

7. Verifying Tests -Checkpoints
7.1 Need for Checkpoint
7.2 Type of Checkpoints
7.3 Insert Standard Checkpoint from Active Screen after Recording
7.4 Editing and Renaming the Checkpoint
7.5 Checkpoint Result Analysis
7.6 Inserting Checkpoint during Recording

8. Actions
8.1 Create Reusable Actions
8.2 Call Existing Reusable Action in Script

9. Multiple Choice Questions Set-1

10. Working with Shared Repository
10.1 Create and Add Objects to Shared Object Repository
10.2 Renaming Added Test Objects
10.3 Associating Shared Repository with Script
10.4 Recording a script with Shared OR

11. UFT Editor View
11.1 How Editor View Corresponds to Keyword View
11.2 Manually Type the Steps in Editor View
11.3 Using Step Generator

12. VBScript Fundamentals
12.1 VBScript Basics and DataTypes
12.2 VBScript conditional statements, Looping statements and Procedures
12.3 VBScript String Manipulation Functions
12.4 Sample VBScript Programs

13. Using Functions
13.1 How to create functions
13.2 Create Function Library File and Linking with Script
13.3 Execution of Script with Function Calls

14. Capture Dynamic Values
14.1 Understanding the problem
14.2 Using Output Value to Capture Dynamic Values
14.3 Using GetROProperty to Capture Dynamic Values

15. Reporter Object and Custom Checkpoint
15.1 Reporter Object and ReportEvent Method Syntax
15.2 Custom Checkpoint

16. Working with External Files
16.1 Working with text files
16.2 Working with Excel Files
16.3 Using UFT DataTable Object to Read From External Files

17. Debugging Scripts
17.1 Understand Step Into, Step Out, and Step Over
17.2 Breakpoints
17.3 Run from Step
17.4 Watches and Variables in Debug Mode

18. Multiple Choice Questions Set-2

19. Working with Dynamic Objects
19.1 Understanding Dynamic Objects
19.2 When and Why to use Descriptive Programming
19.3 Descriptive Programming Syntax
19.4 Handling Dynamic Object Using Descriptive Programming
19.5 Regular Expressions

20. Recovery Scenario
20.1 Need for Recovery Scenario
20.2 Create a Test Scenario
20.3 How to use Recovery Scenario Wizard
20.4 Execute the Script with Recovery Scenario
20.5 Disabling Recovery Scenario for a Script

21. Batch Execution
21.1 Adding Tests to Batch Runner

22. Integration with Quality Center
22.1 UFT - QC/ALM Integration Setup
22.2 Saving UFT GUI Test Script in QC/ALM from UFT
22.3 Launching UFT GUI Test Script from QC/ALM
22.4 Executing UFT GUI Test Script From QC/ALM

23. Automation Frameworks
23.1 Why do we need frameworks
23.2 What Exactly is an Automation Framework
23.3 Types of Frameworks

24. Multiple Choice Questions Set-3

25. What's new with UFT 11.5
25.1 General UFT
25.2 GUI Testing

26. Best Practices in Automation
26.1 Best Practices in Automation

27. Sample Naming and Coding Conventions
27.1 Sample Naming Conventions
27.2 Coding Conventions

28. Common UFT Issues and FAQs
28.1 UFT Issues and FAQs
28.2 Common Automation Interview Questions
29. Sample Test Cases for Automation

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