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Real Project Management-Peter Taylor
Real Project Management  Review
by Peter Taylor (Author)
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Publisher : Viva
Publish date : 17-Dec-2014
Category : PMP Books
Mediatype : Books
Binding : Paperback
Availability : Is Imported ships within 3 to 4 weeks.
List Price :   Rs. 2374
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 2018
You Save :  Rs. 356
ISBN : 0749471212 / Indian ISBN 13: 9780749471217
Pages : 248
Book Summary : Real Project Management
“Real Project Management is not a ‘shelf-ware’, it is ‘now-ware’ - a book which should be read NOW! Peter Taylor has captured perfectly the current mood and reality of the project and programme profession, and translated it into a fast-moving read which every project manager, from ‘senior’ to generation Y, should read. If you work in the project field or need to work with someone who is, read this book.” - Stephen Carver, Lecturer in Project & Programme Management, Cranfield University of Management
About the Book
Drawing on a survey of practitioners and academics from around the world, Real Project Management takes an in-depth look at the challenges that arise in the growing complex and global environment. Chapters examine issues such as the complexity of projects, globalization and the virtual nature of projects, executive sponsoring, and international dilemmas inherent in completing a program on time and within budget. Peter Taylor provides the techniques and strategies needed to tackle these challenges head on and boost the project manager’s skills.

The book includes insights from leading thinkers in the world of academia and is supported by case studies of global organizations including Siemens, IBM, Thomson Reuters, Volvo, and Microsoft on the strategies they are implementing to future-proof their projects.
Contributors’ biographies

Chapter 01 History (now and then) • A look back at the ‘accidental’ project manager • Projects have been with us forever • The three generations of project managers • Chapter summary • Notes
Chapter 02 Is everyone a project manager? • Core skills versus niche capability • Accidental or intentional • Do we still need project managers? • Chapter summary
Chapter 03 The evolution of success • Knowing what real looks like • Knowing what success looks like • Chapter summary • Notes
Chapter 04 Knowing how to keep developing • Continuous learning • Chapter summary
Part One: Summary

PART TWO Challenges

Chapter 05 The real project world • What the project managers said • What everyone thought • What everyone (who was ‘young’) thought • Chapter summary • Note
Chapter 06 Communication • Tweetfacelinkblogpodoogle • Effectiveness • Generations • Too much communication • Chapter summary • Notes
Chapter 07 Virtuality • Location, location, location • Added risk, greater benefits • The performing global team • Actual success in a virtual world • Chapter summary • Note
Chapter 08 Time • More with less • Begin well • Waste not, want not • Optimize what you have • Chapter summary • Notes
Chapter 09 Executive sponsoring • Campaign for real project sponsors • The ‘accidental’ sponsor • Strategies for project sponsorship • The missing dashboard • Chapter summary • Notes
Chapter 10 Strategic connection • Orphans and strays • The buck stops here • Keeping strategic alignment • Chapter summary • Note
Chapter 11 Complexity of projects • Defining ‘complex’ • Available but not capable • Profiling • Visibility of purpose • Chapter summary
Chapter 12 Lessons learned • Path to insanity • How can we share the lessons? • How can we close out projects better? • The real problem • Chapter summary • Notes
Chapter 13 Training and support • Training • Types of learning • No shortage of opportunities • Support • Green beans and old beans • Chapter summary • Notes
Chapter 14 Succession planning • Do we ever learn? • Organizational responsibility • Chapter summary
Chapter 15 Out of control • Loss of control • Chapter summary
Part Two: Summary

PART THREE Multi-generations

Chapter 16 Language and reality • Reality, challenges and opportunities • Are we managing this well? • What are we getting right? • What could we do better? • A challenge or a threat? • Chapter summary • Note
Chapter 17 Opportunity and progress • Passing the baton • Doing a better job • More or less of a problem? • Profiting from the multi-generations • Chapter summary
Part Three: Summary

PART FOUR The future

Chapter 18 Beyond today • Today, tomorrow and beyond • Consultative project management • Professional project management associations • The role of the PMO • The rise of the CPO • Chapter summary • Notes
Chapter 19 The attraction challenge • How project management is perceived • How project management should be perceived • Chapter summary • Notes
Chapter 20 Legacy • Reviewing our contribution to the future • Chapter summary • Notes
Chapter 21 End note • A word from Mike Brown • Chapter summary • Notes
Part Four: Summary

PART FIVE Tips for success

Chapter 22 Real project management tips

Appendix 1 The survey
Appendix 2 Surviving as an ‘accidental’ project manager
Appendix 3 Alien project management
Appendix 4 What has project management done for us?
Appendix 5 Peter Taylor: the author

About the Author
Peter Taylor
is a popular keynote speaker around the world with more than 200 speaking engagements in the past three years, in over 20 countries. A member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Association for Project Management, he regularly runs workshops through the International Project Management Association, the PMI and many other project management communities around the world. He also acts as an independent consultant working with some of the major organizations in the world coaching executive sponsors, PMO leaders and project managers.

Peter has over 25 years of experience in project management and is the author of Leading Successful PMOs and The Lazy Project Manager.

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