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Diverse Literacies in Early Childhood-Bronwyn Beecher, Jean Ashton, Leonie Arthur
Diverse Literacies in Early Childhood  Review
by Bronwyn Beecher, Jean Ashton, Leonie Arthur (Author)
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Publisher : Australian Council for Educational Research ACER
Publish date : 28-Feb-2014
Category : International School
Mediatype : Books
Binding : Paperback
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List Price :   Rs. 700
Greenleaf Price :  Rs. 700
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ISBN : 1742860222 / Indian ISBN 13: 9781742860220
Pages : 272
Book Summary : Diverse Literacies in Early Childhood

This important, research-based text explores the concept of literacy as social practice within diverse family, community and educational settings. Its theoretical premise - that literacy learning and life chances are inextricably linked - is underscored by practical example, teachers’ stories and real-world vignettes.
With close reference to the Early Years Learning Framework, this book acknowledges the multiplicity of ‘literacy’ experiences that manifest in the lives of young children from birth to five.
It provides clear guidelines and foundational principles for tertiary students, early childhood professionals and primary school teachers, as they work to support literacy learning and prepare children for future success.

  • Diverse Literacies in Early Childhood:
  • includes direct links in each chapter to the Early Years Learning Framework, Australian Curriculum, National Goals for Schooling and National Quality Standard
  • includes case studies, sample documentation and examples
  • outlines the importance of popular culture and digital media in the lives of young children and families
  • explores the partnerships that extend all children’s literacy participation across homes, early childhood settings and schools
  • investigates ways of documenting and assessing children’s literacy interests and pedagogies for extending literacy learning
  • focuses on diverse sociocultural contexts.

Table of Contents:
Introduction Diverse literacies and social justice: Implications for educators
Chapter 1 Multiliteracies: Embracing the multiplicity of experiences called ‘literacy’
Jean Ashton, Leonie Arthur and Bronwyn Beecher
Chapter 2 Diverse literacy pathways
Jean Ashton and Bronwyn Beecher
Chapter 3 Extending children’s literacies through partnerships between children, families, educators and communities
Bronwyn Beecher and Criss Jones Díaz
Chapter 4 Utilising popular culture to extend children’s literacy
Leonie Arthur, Bronwyn Beecher and Criss Jones Díaz
Chapter 5 Futuro Infantil Hoy and community capacity building: An international early childhood literacy project
Christine Woodrow, Leonie Arthur and Linda Newman
Chapter 6 Languages and literacies in childhood bilingualism: Building on cultural and linguistic capital in early childhood education
Criss Jones Díaz
Chapter 7 Aboriginal families and communities: Embracing literacy in the early childhood years
Katrina Mitchell and Alma Fleet
Chapter 8 Early intervention for literacy learning
Kathy Cologon and Margaret McNaught
Chapter 9 Pedagogies for extending literacies
Leonie Arthur and Bronwyn Beecher
Chapter 10 Literacy for under-threes
Jean Ashton and Laurie Makin
Chapter 11 Literacies prior to compulsory schooling
Margaret McNaught and Leonie Arthur
Chapter 12 Continuity of children’s literacy learning between educational settings
Bronwyn Beecher and Leonie Arthur

About the Editors:
Dr Leonie Arthur
is a senior lecturer in early childhood education and the Director of the Early Childhood Program at the University of Western Sydney. Leonie has published widely concerning early childhood curriculum and young children’s literacy learning. She was a member of the consortium that developed the Early Years Learning Framework and is a member of the Futuro Infantil Hoy research and professional development project in Chile.
Dr Jean Ashton is an early childhood consultant. Recently Jean has been Acting Head of Program (Early Childhood) at the University of Sydney where she helped develop, establish and teach their programs for Master of Teaching and Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood–Birth–5), including early literacy. Prior to this Jean was a lecturer and researcher in early literacy at the University of Western Sydney.
Dr Bronwyn Beecher is currently an early childhood consultant, having worked in teaching and research at the University of Western Sydney for many years. Her collaborative research interests include contemporary literacy practices for families, communities and children; active literacy learning through play-based experiences; and working with educators to build on children’s practices within the curriculum.


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